Pine Litter 10 Package à 4kg Clumping natural litter

Pine Litter 10 Package à 4kg 40 kg (1 Piece)
Pine Litter 10 Package à 4kg 40 kg (1 Piece)
Pine Litter 10 Package à 4kg 40 kg (1 Piece)
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Size Price/Base weight Selling price
4 kg, 1 Piece € 2.73/kg 10.92 €
40 kg, 1 Piece € 2.32/kg 92.82 €


Clumping cat litter 100 % organically grown! Highly effective, dust-free, can be flushed down the toilet!

With Anifit’s pine litter two important criteria of cat hygiene are combined:

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a) Hygiene

Anifit’s pine litter is highly effective and thus economical to use. The litter readily absorbs odor, keeping the litter box fresh even for the pickiest cats. Cats also love Anifit’s pine litter thanks to its fresh woody scent. The litter is non-dusty and there is no stickiness.

b) Ecological product

Pine litter is manufactured from the bark of pine trees and is 100% biodegradable and compostable. The product does not contain any chemical additives or flavors and is produced without pressing additives.


We recommend you provide one toilet per cat. Cats are more careful with their own toilet than when they have to share it with another cat.

Familiarizing your cat with the litter:

Should your cat not accept the new litter right away, mix some old litter in the new and reduce the proportion of old litter little by little


Remove all clumps and hard excrements with a special cat litter shovel on a daily basis and dispose of in the household waste or the normal toilet. About every six weeks, all contents should be removed from the litter box and the box should be cleaned.


Package of 4 kg

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